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24 november

Timchenko classes himself a «true supporter» of Moscow–Beijing HSR

Gennady Timchenko, Russian businessman and Head of Russian section of the Russian-Chinese Business Council, welcomes the idea of a high-speed railway (HSR) between Moscow and Beijing. “I'm a true supporter of the project”, he said at a meeting with Chinese media, although, he added, it needs “huge investments” (he is cited by Volga Group, his private investment vehicle). According to Mr. Timchenko, the HS R project is attractive for Chinese investors. “How much Chinese money is currently invested in the US treasury bonds? Over $2 tn, I guess. And how does the money work there? China, in fact, is slowly losing it, because the USD inflation has never stopped. While investments in a railway like this are sure to pay off. Step by step, we would build for the future generations an infrastructure linking Asia and Europe“, he stressed. New business and industrial hubs may grow along the line, added the businessman. According to him, Moscow-Beijing HSR may become a “high-speed Silk Road”. Russian Ministry of Communications and Russian Railways agreed on the potential construction of Moscow-Beijing HSR with the National Development and Reform Commission of China and China Railway Corporation in October. Pursuant to the agreements, China will consider participation in the project through a PPP as an investor, lender and technology supplier (with localisation of train and spare part production in Russia, also through a joint venture).

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