«High-speed Railway»
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Goals and Objectives

  • Improving the quality and accessibility of public transportation services;
  • Boosting the country’s socio-economic potential;
  • Increasing the qualifications of interested specialists;
  • Developing the technical capabilities of JSC RR;
  • Integrating the PPP / LCC mechanism into JSC RR and Russia as a whole for the purposes of generating economic and innovative multiplier-effects;
  • Enhancing the quality of Russia’s transportation infrastructure via the creation of a HSR transportation-link system;
  • Developing intermodal HSR / airport complexes;
  • Developing the regions and improving their standard of living;
  • Reducing the number of highway accidents and fatalities;
  • Harmonizing Russian and European standardized systems;
  • Attracting additional investments for the transportation sector, improving the country’s overall investment climate.