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HSR 1 Project

Construction of the Moscow — St. Petersburg high-speed rail line represents a major project in development of the country’s public railway infrastructure. The project envisages the construction of a entirely new high-speed rail llinking the Russian Federation’s two federal cities — its two capitals — Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Key project specifications*:

  • Route distance — 660 km 
  • Trip time — 2 h 30 min 
  • Maximum speed  up to 400 km/h 
  • Track gauge — 1,520 mm 
  • Implementation structure — PPP (LCC)
2010 witnessed the planning of principal investments for which a positive assessment was received from Federal State Board Glavgosexpertisa of Russia.

The “Western” track concept approved by JSC Russian Railways is being considered as the basic project approach.

The information presented herein is of a preliminary nature and is subject to modification as project preparations unfold. None of the data and/or information reflected herein shall constitute grounds for the origination of any obligations and/or liabilities on the part of JSC High-Speed Rail Lines in connection with the actions and/or decisions taken by third parties on the basis thereof. All technical, economic, and other material project parameters, including final track location, shall be agreed upon and approved in the manner prescribed by applicable law. Thus, the information presented herein shall not serve as evidence of the adoption by anyone of administrative decisions or the exercise of legal actions where such decisions and/or actions fall within the scope of authority of state agencies, local agencies, and/or other parties not affiliated with JSC High-Speed Rail Lines.